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Ischia for sea ...

Starting from the harbor, around the time of a circumnavigation of the island shows us a fascinating view of the coast of the municipality. Our coastline that alternates between gentle shores to rocky ravines tells the ancient history of the island and opens enchanted places.

And 'possible dall'adiacente port of Forio spend wonderful days boat hire or booking excursions around the island by motorboat equipped also tours to Procida, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast, starting in the morning and return the same day.

Ischia submarine ...
An underwater journey to discover the wonders of our big brother blue. Franco Savastano leads us to the Ants, submerged islands located between the island of Ischia and Vivara, a small underwater paradise extraordinarily rich life.

Ischia Green ...
A nature trail, walk to discover the nature of the Municipality of Ischia. Joseph Sollin takes us by the hand and leads us to explore the countryside area and Piano Liguori, where the island retains its rural roots, where breathtaking panoramas open up the passage.

Aragonese Ischia ...
A visit to the Castle on the traces of the Aragonese in Ischia, led by Giovanni Di Meglio. The path has a variable time depending on the level of detail chosen. Once the castle is recommended to follow the good path already indicated by appropriate signs.

Ischia fairytale ...
A walk through fable and legend, an immersion in popular culture Ischia. Led by Hugh Vuoso to discover the mysteries of the Municipality of Ischia.

Ischia helicopter ...
For those who chose the Green Island to spend their holidays and want to enjoy everything that surrounds it, SAM Helicopters thought to 5 routes departing from Ischia by last about 50 minutes each and a maximum of 4 passengers.



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