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The sea and beaches

Chiaia beach...

The long sandy beach of Chiaia, the right arm of the port of Forio, about 300 meters from the center. Characterized from various plants with lots of bars and restaurants are also a meeting place for those who want water sports, but at the same time retaining many stretches of public beach. Suitable for children.

Beach of San Francesco...

The beach of San Francesco is located a few kilometers from the port of Forio, easily accessible by car or public transport.
On the right side is topped by the spectacular promontory of Punta Caruso, half for those who love the rocks and a little 'quiet.
This beach is suitable for those who love water sports, tourist facilities at sea and even dine in a typical island restaurant, illuminated only by the light of the moon before and after sunset.

Citara Beach...

The largest spa on the island are by far the Poseidon Gardens and have as a magical backdrop of sand in the water, which were ascribed powers fertilize, was brought by the Romans under the protection of Venus quote, hence the name Citara divinity which was found a statue of white marble, gone later destroyed.
Myth and legend mingle among the white sand and clear waters and give explanations of some morphological characteristics of this stretch of sea coast, as the rocks that can be observed: it says here that has become the ship of the Phoenicians with Ulysses and that his return has been transformed into a rock as punishment. It is said, again, that two men tried to escape from the ship, but they too were turned into rocks.
The beach is one of the most popular tourism resort in summer.

Sorgeto beach...

Sorgeto is a creek, home to a real park, outdoor spa.
And mineral hot springs, sauna and steam treatment, this is what Mother Nature wanted to donate the island of Ischia in ancient times, and now freely available for anyone looking for a place to unwind from the stresses and strains of daily living. Accessible by sea or walking along a steep flight of stairs running from the village Panza is a relief to let her go to that mixture of hot and cold, sweet-salty and one of the most beautiful sunsets ever imaginable.
Beware though, its cliffs and stones are sometimes hot!
In a small tank from which flow waters, the islanders used to cook eggs, potatoes and seafood, a practice that certainly has been repeated for centuries, having also archeological finds in the area. The most amazing features of sorgeto are still swimming at night in warm water to look at the stars, you can relax and spend unforgettable moments mild winter temperatures also allow you to sunbathe and swim even on the coldest days!

Cava dell'Isola beach...

The beach of Cava characterized by large grains of sand in a dark color. Situated between two headlands of tufa rock, with the sea bottom immediately above, is a tourist destination for young people, who often seeks the thrill of romantic between the sinuous waves of the sea that washes this coast and the sun going to go out in the sea.

Punta Caruso...

Caruso is the extreme tip of Forio, beautiful place, surrounded by a natural, almost wild. The path ahead is stony and dusty rock shaped by vegetation. At the end of the path necessary to "climb" a little 'mountain, and finally arrives in a wonderful place to spend a quiet day on volcanic rocks smoothed by centuries of caressing sea. Punta Caruso is a natural sequel to the sea Delbosc Zaro.

Beach sailors...

The beach is adjacent to the sailors of the port of Forio and the sailing club " Yacht Club." And 'the only beach on the island of Ischia equipped to host the sailors have to slide the sea area is allocated from windsurfing to sailing dinghies. Thanks are also available adjacent club area of shelter equipment and services.

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